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LDH JAPAN started "EXILE CUP" as a social contribution activity in 2010,
which is a futsal tournament aimed at children from the 4th to 6th grade of elementary school.
"EXILE CUP" welcomes its 9th year and preliminary contests will be held at 12 soccer fields in 9 areas.
The winning team of each region will participate in the finals which will be held in September in Imabari City, Ehime Prefecture.

EXILE √úSA will serve as the special supporter,
Takeshi Okada will serve as the advisor
and Shinji Kagawa will serve as the ambassador of the tournament.
We hope more children could "participate in the challenge".
With "Dreams For Children" as its theme, "EXILE CUP" will keep on supporting children
who are smiling and having fun while playing soccer with all their might.

We are looking forward to the participation of boys and girls all over Japan who have passion for playing soccer!

EXILE CUP 2018 Photo Gallery

Application Period for Preliminary Contest

Kanto Meet 1
April 16 (Mon.) ~ May 16 (Wed.) 17:00
*Teams fail to enter Kanto Meet 1 can apply for Kanto Meet 2.

Kanto Meet 2, Tokai Meet, Kansai Meet 1, Kansai Meet 2 and Chugoku Meet
May 7 (Mon.) ~ June 7 (Thu.) 17:00

Hokkaido Meet, Hokushinetsu Meet, Shikoku Meet and Tohoku Meet
June 8 (Fri.) ~ July 9 (Mon.) 17:00

Kyushu Meet 1 and Kyushu Meet 2
July 2 (Mon.) ~ August 2 (Thu.) 17:00

How to apply

Please visit the website of "j-futsal" and search for the event to make an application.

Application Page

Inquiries about application

j-futsal Administrative Office
Opening hours: Weekdays 10:00-17:00

Inquiries about tournament

EXILE CUP Executive Office

Preliminary Contest

6/16 (Sat.) Kanto Meet 1 @ Ibaraki Pref.

Venue: Ibaraki Prefectural Kashima Soccer Stadium / Bokuden no Sato Sports Park

7/7 (Sat.) Kanto Meet 2 @ Tochigi Pref.

Venue: Sano City Sports Park Multipurpose Game Field

7/14 (Sat.) Tokai Meet @ Mie Pref.


7/16 (Mon. & Holiday) Kansai Meet 1 @ Kyoto Pref.

Venue: HACCHOHAMA SEASIDE PAPK Multipurpose Lawn Field

7/29 (Sun.) Kansai Meet 2 @ Wakayama Pref.

Venue: Kimiidera Track-and-Field Stadium

7/31 (Tue.) Chugoku Meet @ Tottori Pref.

Venue: Togo Sports Park

8/7 (Tue.) Hokkaido Meet @ Asahikawa City

Venue: HIGASHIKAWA Yume Park Soccer Field

8/11 (Sat. & Holiday) Hokushinetsu Meet @ Nagano Pref.

Venue: Nagano Olympic Stadium

8/19 (Sun.) Shikoku Meet @ Kagawa Pref.

Venue: Seto Ohashi Commemorative Hall Ball Fields

8/26 (Sun.) Tohoku Meet @ Aomori Pref.

Venue: New Aomori Prefecture Sports Park Football Stadium

9/2 (Sun.) Kyushu Meet 1 @ Okinawa Pref.

Venue: Urasoe City Track-and-Field Stadium

9/8 (Sat.) Kyushu Meet @ Miyazaki Pref.

Venue: KIRISHIMA YAMAZAKURA Miyazaki Prefectural Comprehensive Sports Park Auxiliary Soccer Field


9/22 (Sat.) ~ 9/24 (Mon. & Holiday) Finals @ Imabari City, Ehime Pref.

Venue: ARIGATO SERVICE. Yume Stadium

Participation Fee

Free of charge




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