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to be released on
February 15, 2017 (Wed.) !

Ranking 1st
on ORICON weekly chart on 2/27!

The live footage of the legendary Tokyo Dome show was released for the first time !
It is filled with the live music played by a huge band containing 40 members and the collaboration with deluxe guests !

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ATSUSHI is the first artist in history
to hold a successful solo tour in the 6 big domes!
The LIVE DVD & Blu-ray which records the Tokyo Dome Show
will be released soon!

ATSUSHI said: "It's been 15 years since I made my debut as an artist and I finally get to where I am today. I truly feel that this is going to be a turning point." It is his first dome tour and he is the first artist in history to hold a successful solo tour in the 6 big domes.

ATSUSHI has been presenting grand-scale entertainment shows to us as one of EXILE's vocalists.
It is during this tour that ATSUSHI realized
"rather than visual enjoyment, I should focus on presenting quality music."
His passion for music never changes after his debut.
ATSUSHI, an artist who is always challenging himself,
will release a video work which records a live show that only he could present!

  • Besides band members who have performed with him on previous shows, a brass team, a string team and a chorus team also joined the big band containing 40 musicians. An outstanding on-stage performance featuring acoustic music of instruments was unveiled during this tour. ATSUSHI said: "It was really exciting to present authentic music to you together with a big band containing 40 members. I felt so happy to bring music to you with these top musicians." Just like ATSUSHI said, the band is formed by top domestic musicians including the one and only trumpeter Eric Miyashiro who is famous around the world, Hanako Uesato who is the only Japanese violinist that ever won an award at Jascha Heifetz International Violin Competition and others. ATSUSHI's beautiful singing makes harmony with the band playing. Only an artist like ATSUSHI who never stops pursuing music can present such an ultimate live stage that will move you to tears.

  • On the opening day of the dome tour, he announced that a new band entitled "RED DIAMOND DOGS" was formed and performed with the new band for the first time on the stage. The band was formed to present ATSUSHI's new philosophy of music. With the members from all over the world, they hope to deliver whole new band music based on black music. Moreover, ATSUSHI who has challenged a wide variety of music has brought us a live show that only he could present.
    He covered Miyuki Nakajima's "Ito", Kazumasa Oda's "Kotobani Dekinai", Southern All Stars's "Bojou", Kazuyoshi Saito's "Aruite Kaerou" and other J-POP songs, performed Hibari Misora's "Kawa no Nagare no Yo ni" and "Aisansan" and other popular hits of the Showa Era. He even sang standard jazz including "All of Me" and "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes". ATSUSHI performed a wide variety of songs along with the live music played by the big band.
    ATSUSHI's hit songs "MAKE A MIRACLE" and "Colorful Love" were also arranged for the band and the groovy instrumental playing fascinated all the fans. What's more, on the piano placed at the center of the 70-meter flower way, ATSUSHI played and sang the wedding song "Precious Love" which he wrote the music and lyrics for.

  • ATSUSHI presented a miraculous performance with special guests "Boyz II Men", "Yuzo Kayama" and "Shunsuke Kiyokiba" on the Tokyo show. This live show is fully recorded!
    "Boyz II Men" is a great chorus group loved by people from all over the world and ATSUSHI is deeply influenced by this group in terms of music. On the Tokyo show, they presented a wonderful performance together after a lapse of 7 years. They performed worldwide hit songs "ON BENDED KNEE" and "END OF THE ROAD" through their excellent singing skills. Moreover, they also sang EXILE's "One love" with some English words in the lyrics, which made all the viewers pleasantly surprised.
    Taking this performance as the opportunity, ATSUSHI had a better relationship with "Yuzo Kayama". In order to show his respect, he called Yuzo Kayama "Japan's Frank Sinatra". They performed classic songs "Kimito Itsumademo" and "MY WAY" together. Their vigorous and powerful voice filled the whole venue and they presented the image of two super stars in the Showa era. All the viewers were fascinated by their performance and broke into warm applause.
    Moreover, ATSUSHI finally performed with "Shunsuke Kiyokiba" again after 10 years. Called by ATSUSHI, Kiyokiba appeared on the stage, which was a surprise to all the cheering fans.
    All the viewers became extremely excited and the two artists sang "Hane Nibunno Ichi" which is an early hit of EXILE. Then, they performed "EXILE Chapter 1 Special Medley", "EXIT", the debut song "Your eyes only ~Aimaina Bokuno Katachi~", "Carry On", "Together", "song for you" and other songs with enduring popularity. Moreover, before the end of their performance, they passionately performed "Tada... Aitakute" which was released 11 years ago. It is the first time for these two artists to sing this song together on a live show. They sang together again after 10 years and looked into each other's eyes. Both artists and the viewers in the venue were deeply moved. During the 50-minite live show, they performed all the 14 hits in EXILE's Chapter 1. The fans also cheered, shed tears and enjoyed the show.

  • As the vocalist of his group, he has made countless achievements so far. This time, he challenged an unexplored field alone. His first solo tour made him the first one who held a tour in 6 big domes as a solo artist. ATSUSHI gradually felt the great pressure which cannot be experienced by others. Therefore, as the tour of destiny started, what happened behind the scenes and what kind of decision did he make? Moreover, what kind of opportunities awaited him after he suffered so much pressure? This long documentary which contains both trouble and excitement shows the light and shade hidden behind his achievements.
    Apart from the performance with "Boyz II Men", "Yuzo Kayama" and "Shunsuke Kiyokiba" in Tokyo Dome, the performance with "Brian McKnight" in Nagoya Dome and the performance with his allies "Toshio Matsumoto", "ÜSA" and "MAKIDAI" in Seibu Dome can also be enjoyed on the DVD !

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