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Ningen no Shoumei

"Ningen no Shoumei no Thema"

(7-inch analog disc)
will be released on 6/28 (Wed.)!!

"Ningen no Shoumei no Thema", a dream tune jointly created by EXILE ATSUSHI and Char, drew wide attention after it was aired as the theme song of tv asahi's special drama "Proof of the Man". Its 7-inch complete first edition analog record will go on limited release!
The special instrumental version of Char's guitar playing has been recorded on Side B!
The smash hit film "Proof of the Man" starring Mariko Okada and Yusaku Matsuda was screened in 1977. The original version of its theme song was sung by the late Joe Yamanaka. Please enjoy the song recorded on this analog disc!

EXILE ATSUSHI & Char The music video of "Ningen no Shoumei no Thema" has been unveiled!

The latest video of EXILE ATSUSHI who is studying abroad now!
The music video of this cover version was made with deep respect to the film and its original theme song.
In this music video, ATSUSHI plays a man who is wandering on strange streets looking for the figure of his mother, conveying the theme "recalling the memories of mother". The main scene where ATSUSHI sorrowfully sings his love to his mother against the backdrop of "Tantalus Hill", a charming scenery he imagined from the lyrics, is a must-see!

「Ningen no Shoumei no Thema」

★"Ningen no Shoumei no Thema" has been chosen as the theme song of tv asahi's special drama.

In April 2017, when tv asahi's drama production team decided to make "Proof of the Man" into a special drama, they also wanted to produce a new cover version of "Ningen no Shoumei no Thema", so they invited ATSUSHI to sing this song. Out of respect for Joe Yamanaka and the original version, ATSUSHI agreed with honor and created the cover version!

★A dream collaboration between EXILE ATSUSHI and Char has been realized!

When making the cover of "Ningen no Shoumei no Thema", ATSUSHI thought he could create a great cover song that will please Joe Yamanaka in heaven if he invite Char who was a close friend of Joe Yamanaka and appeared at live shows with him for many times. So he invited him. When doing the recording in Char's private studio, sake and Joe Yamanaka's pictures were arranged in the studio. He played the guitar a like he was telling a story. And the touching cover version of a famous song has been completed!

★The special instrumental version of Char's guitar playing has beed recorded on Side B!

Along with the release of the analog record, the brand new guitar version made by Char especially for this record has been also recorded! ATSUSHI yearns for this version! Char once said "This is a song that I deeply cherish because Joe often told me he wanted to sing it accompanied by my guitar." Listen to the famous song filled with melancholy played on acoustic guitar.

*This product is being sold in specific shops (mu-mo Shop, HMV LAWSON, TOWER RECORDS & amazon).
*It is a completely limited first edition. (Additional orders are not available.)

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SIDE A : Ningen no Shoumei no Thema / EXILE ATSUSHI & Char
SIDE B : Ningen no Shoumei no Thema / Char

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