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ATSUSHI's comment

It is my honor to sing "Ningen no Shoumei no Thema", the theme song of the film "Proof of the Man" originally sung by the late Joe Yamanaka.
Life is a mystery... Though Joe Yamanaka passed away in 2011, I had deep thoughts about this song which is familiar to me.
Speaking of the reason for knowing this song, it is because "Ningen no Shoumei no Thema" is the closing song of the bar that I usually go to. There are a lot of records in this bar, but the closing song has never been changed over the past 27 years.
I am a little bit embarrassed to admit that I have never watched the film "Proof of the Man" until I was invited to sing the theme song this time. Since this film was screened in 1977, before my birth, it is no wonder that this is my first time to see it...
Given the forthcoming singing task, I watched the film for the first time. It is so wonderful that you can hardly notice that it was produced many years ago. I was shocked when I knew that such a modern film was made in 1977. The opening is very colorful and the cool scenes of New York are in contrast with the wonderful things of Japan in the Showa period...
Besides beautiful scenes, the story also inspires people to think about Japan-United States relations after the war. It is a deep film that unveils a wonderful Japan in the Showa period and make you think of those times.
All in all, it is an outstanding work and I performed the theme song wholeheartedly. What's more, the guitar accompaniment by Char, a well-known Japanese guitarist who was a music partner of Joe Yamanaka, filled with emotions.