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Eternal Love

After two years of waiting,
will release the single "Eternal Love"
on 10/4 (Wed.) as a solo artist!

Music producer Seiji Kameda participate in creation of this ultimate love song!

"Eternal Love"
Music Video

EXILE TAKAHIRO's new single "Eternal Love" will be released on 10/4 (Wed.)!

In addition to his activities as EXILE's vocalist, TAKAHIRO has been participating in various activities such as playing in TV dramas and movies. In order to pursue his music career, he will start his solo activities again!

In this music work TAKAHIRO wants to show the features of his music in the best way. Based on this idea, he invited a music producer to produce his song for the first time. He invited Seiji Kameda who is also a musician as the producer and they made their first collaboration. Seiji Kameda has produced music works for a number of artists such as GLAY, Ken Hirai and JUJU and showed his talents. He has also carried out activities as a member of "Tokyo Jihen" and "Bank Band" and established a firm position in the Japanese music industry.
Starting from the composition of the song, TAKAHIRO and Kameda communicated with each other and deepened their mutual understanding in producing the song. Together they have created a melodious love song filled with a pure and universal emotions that will resonate in your heart.

And the music video of this brilliant love song is produced by director Yukihiko Tsutsumi who is known for directing a number of hit films, such as "Memories of Tomorrow", "Trick", "SPEC", etc.. The worldview of the song is is reflected in this work creating a touching love story.
Apart from TV dramas and movies, TAKAHIRO has also presented a fantastic performance in his first lead role in the stage play "MOJO" which was shown this July. He has made steady progress as an actor and his performance in the music video is worthy of attention.

Moreover, "SUNSET KISS" for which TAKAHIRO created the words and music for the first time is scheduled to be included as the B-side track!
It is a sexy pop song about love at the end of summer with fresh and charming feeling which will definitely make your heart beats faster. Song samples of "Eternal Love" and "SUNSET KISS" are available from today. Go check them out!

Don't miss out on the solo single "Eternal Love" by EXILE TAKAHIRO who put his all in it and who has been progressing as an artist and a performer!

Bonuses for EXILE mobile site members, fan club members and people who purchase the single at mu-mo shop will be announced soon.

  • It has been a long time since I released a solo single. I put all my thoughts into production with a whole new mood. I worked with Mr. Kameda whom I respect a lot and together we created the best song. I sincerely hope that this song will resonate with a lot of people.

    I have made use of my experience accumulated and absorbed during my activities so far. As a performer, I want to touch you in a higher and deeper level and bring you a new excitement. Please enjoy this music work filled with such an idea!

    Please support me in the future!


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1. Eternal Love
3. Eternal Love (Instrumental)
4. SUNSET KISS (Instrumental)

Eternal Love (Music Video)