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featuring Taiki Sato
will be shown nationwide from 8/1 (Wed.)!!

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Taiki Sato appears in the movie "SENSEI KUNSHU" which will be shown nationwide from 8/1 (Wed.)!
Stay tuned for its release!!

Message from Taiki Sato

First, I could not stop laughing when I read the original manga!
The cute heroine "Ayuha" played by Hamabe becomes even cuter as the plot progresses and I struggle to win her heart but keep missing the point. Moreover, my rival is the charismatic "teacher Hiromitsu" played by Takeuchi! (LOL)
I watched director Tsukikawa's films before and was thinking that it would be great if I could play in one of his films. But I never expected that I could work with him so soon.
Together we created a character "Kotake" who I play and he enjoyed filming all those characters with unique personalities more than anyone else!
I think this movie is a wonderful love comedy that will make everyone laugh with happy tears in their eyes!


Yuki Hiromitsu / Ryoma Takeuchi
Ayuha Samaru / Minami Hamabe
Ayuha's childhood friend Kotake Sawada / Taiki Sato
Ayuha's best friend Aoi Nakamura (Nickname: Aochin) / Rina Kawaei
Ayuha's love rival Shuka Saimon / Yua Shinkawa
Ayuha's classmate Kaho / Riko Fukumoto


Momoko Koda "SENSEI KUNSHU" (Published by Shueisha Margaret Comics)


Sho Tsukikawa


Erika Yoshida


Chiaki Baba



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Click here to visit the official homepage