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The movie "TATARA SAMURAI" starring Sho Aoyagi and featuring EXILE AKIRA and Naoki Kobayashi
competed in the main world competition of "the 40th Montreal World Film Festival" which was held in Montreal, Canada. It is one of the largest film festivals in North America and "TATARA SAMURAI" won the award for the Best Artistic Contribution!

Before the screening on that day, people waited in a line that stretched 100 meters. Due to the great response and high anticipation, a red carpet ceremony was held. After the screening ended, the movie drew loud cheers. The screening ended in great excitement with many people firing questions at the cast members and pressing forward to shake hands!

The movie "TATARA SAMURAI" sets the stage in <Izumo>, which is the origin of almost everything in Japan, such as our country, Japanese culture and technology.
It is a real period film and through the frustrations and growth of a young man who aims at becoming a samurai, the film focuses on "samurai spirit", a universal subject in Japanese people's lives which is about how difficult and commendable it is to achieve perfection.
The scriptwriter and director Yoshinari Nishikori talked about his ideas of this movie: "I want to make an entertainment film that can make Japanese people feel proud and surprise the world again. That's what I want to pass to the younger generation through a new sensation."

The movie "TATARA SAMURAI" will be shown nationwide in the early summer of 2017!
Stay tuned!!