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The movie "TATARA SAMURAI" starring Sho Aoyagi
to be released nationwide
from May 20, 2017 (Sat.) !!

Theme song has been decided !
EXILE ATSUSHI × Joe Hisaishi

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"TATARA SAMURAI" Official trailer unveiled
Theme song "Amaoto" by EXILE ATSUSHI and Joe Hisaishi
Lyric video featuring scenes from the movie has been unveiled!!
A trailer of "TATARA SAMURAI"and "Secret Society Eagle Talon" collaboration movie has been unveiled!
Cast movie with the theme song -Amaoto- Amaoto Movie


Iron is indispensable in the Warring States period. Deep in the mountains of Izumo, there is a village called TATARA. There, the villagers make a unique kind of steel and the swords made from this kind of steel do not become rusty in a thousand years.
One day, the bandits attack the village to rob the steel. Amid the horrible scene, a boy is scared stiff and stands still.

The lead character of the story is Gosuke, the eldest son of the Murage Family who is the only person in the village to inherit the steel making method called "TATARA".
As the son of the Murage Family, Gosuke is fated to guard the steel making method "Tatara-buki" inherited from his ancestors.
As time goes by, Gosuke grows into an outstanding young man.
He concentrates on martial arts training with his childhood friend Shinpei.
To guard the village, they have to become stronger through martial arts training, so they never stop practicing.

However, as the son of the Murage Family, Gosuke's major task is to improve the steel making method "Tatara-buki" and reach the peak of perfection.
His father never blames him, but shows him the steel making method, trying to influence him by deeds. One day, a merchant who is interested in the secret skill visits "TATARA" village.
The merchant makes use of Gosuke's idea of protecting the village. He deludes Gosuke and the young men in the village into believing his deceiving words, in an attempt to keep the secret skill under his possession.
Gosuke decides to leave the village to become a samurai.
Will he be able to protect the village after he improves his martial arts? With resistance of his fate, confusion and struggle, what kind of a path will Gosuke follow?
A war is going to engulf Gosuke and "TATARA" village...

Director & Scriptwriter

Yoshinari Nishikori

Executive Producer



Sho Aoyagi, Naoki Kobayashi, AKIRA
Tomoko Tabata, Anna Ishii, Chouei Takahashi, Masahiro Komoto, Yoshiko Miyazaki
Toru Shinagawa, DENDEN, Megumi Ujiie, Ryo Hashizume, Kojiro Abe, Shun Sugata
Takuma Otoo, Taichi Saotome, Katsuo Nakamura, Shiro Sano, Kosuke Toyohara
Kei Yamamoto, Takashi Sasano, Tomoko Naraoka, Masahiko Tsugawa


Nationwide release in Shinjuku WALD 9, TOHO CINEMAS Shinjuku and other cinemas on May 20, 2017 (Sat.)



©2017 "TATARA SAMURAI" Production Committee


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