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In celebration of the box-office smash of "HiGH & LOW THE RED RAIN"
a thank-you stage greeting event
live viewing will be held!!

In celebration of the box-office smash of "HiGH & LOW THE RED RAIN", a screening event plus stage greeting will be held at Shinjuku Piccadilly on November 6(Sun.)!
Moreover, the thank-you stage greeting event will be shown through live viewing in cinemas around Japan!

On the event day, a special video featuring the events in Japan, the international premiere in Taiwan (9/29) and the premiere in South Korea (10/19) will be shown during the thank-you stage greeting event.
It is a deluxe event presented by the three Amamiya Brothers (TAKAHIRO, Hiroomi Tosaka and Takumi Saitoh) where you will see undisclosed footage that is only available there!
*The special video will be shown in cinemas through live viewing at the same time.

It has been a month since the movie was released. Memories about "HiGH & LOW THE RED RAIN", behind-the-scenes episodes of events and the filming are finally unveiled! Be sure to enjoy the videos at cinemas around Japan! Don't miss this opportunity!

Schedule: 11/6 (Sun.)

①The stage greeting is scheduled to start after the screening at 9:00.
②The stage greeting is scheduled to start before the screening at 12:00.
Artists (scheduled): TAKAHIRO, Hiroomi Tosaka, Takumi Saitoh
*Honorifics omitted
*Please be advised that the artists are subject to change without prior notice.

Release date & Selling method

Shinjuku Piccadilly
【Venue of the stage greeting】

Ticket price (tax included): (uniform price) 1,800 yen
Tickets will be sold from 11/2(Wed.).
At the ticket window of the cinema → From the opening time on 11/2(Wed.)
Online ticket sales → From 00:00 on 11/2(Wed.) on the homepage of the theater
*Presale tickets and Movie Ticket Card are not accepted.
*Since it is a special screening, the movie tickets that can be used at cinemas all over Japan, other pre-sale tickets and discounted tickets are not accepted.

Other cinemas
【Cinemas offering live viewing】

The stage greeting at Shinjuku Piccadilly and the special video will be shown in cinemas around Japan.
For the cinemas offering live viewing, please check the list of cinemas.
Please visit the following URL for the list of cinemas.
★Smart Phone

Live viewing tickets will be sold at the cinemas successively from 11/2(Wed.).
*The tickets will be sold at regular price. Please confirm the starting time of the ticket sales and the ticket price on the official homepage of each cinema.
*Presale tickets and Movie Ticket Card are also accepted. Please refer to the rules of each cinema to see if complimentary tickets and discounts can be used.
*Please visit the official homepage of each cinema for purchase limit and other details about the ticket.
*Guests will not appear at the cinemas offering live viewing.

General notice

・Customers can buy the tickets via PC and smart phone.
・The tickets are sold on a first come, first served basis and ticket sales will end once the prescribed number of tickets is sold out.
・Please be advised that it is strictly prohibited to enter or leave the cinema during the screening.
・Please refrain from using cameras (camera phone included) or video cameras to record, film or photograph the event at the venue.
・It is forbidden to purchase the ticket(s) for reselling.
・The ticket(s) you purchased cannot be changed or refunded regardless of reasons.
・All seats are reserved. Customers without tickets are not admitted to this event.
・The artists and the contents of the stage greeting are subject to change without prior notice depending on circumstances.
・Please be advised that there may be media coverage of the event on that day.