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"HiGH & LOW THE RED RAIN" movie ticket cards to be sold at cinemas around Japan
from 8/20(Sat.)!

The bonus giveaways are exclusive clear file folders available only in the theaters,
featuring the Amamiya Kyodai who are the lead characters in the movie "HiGH & LOW THE RED RAIN"!

【The 3 Amamiya brothers】
【Masaki Amamiya】 (TAKAHIRO)
【Hiroto Amamiya】 (Hiroomi Tosaka)
【Takeru Amamiya】 (Takumi Saitoh)
There are a total of 4 types of original images for you to choose!

Moreover, the movie ticket cards
will be sold at EXILE TRIBE STATION TOKYO & OSAKA from the same day on 8/20(Sat.)!
People who purchase the movie ticket cards at EXILE TRIBE STATION
will receive a poster featuring the 3 Amamiya brothers (B3 size)!

The bonus giveaways are provided in a limited quantity, so be sure to make a purchase ASAP!

It is announced on the opening day of the currently showing "HiGH & LOW THE MOVIE" that
the 2nd movie "HiGH & LOW THE RED RAIN" will be out soon.
During the midsummer HiGH & LOW sensation, the veiled past of the Amamiya Kyodai will gradually reveal itself.
A touching story will be told!
Stick around for more info!

Movie ticket cards attached with a special clear file folder
will be sold at cinemas from 8/20(Sat.).

Bonus giveaway

Special clear file folder
(4 types in total: The 3 Amamiya brothers, Masaki Amamiya, Hiroto Amamiya, Takeru Amamiya)


1,400 yen (tax included)

*You can choose your favorite one from a choice of 4 types of clear file folders for each movie ticket card you purchase.
*The movie ticket cards are only available until supplies last.
*The bonus giveaway will only be given to customers who purchase the movie ticket cards at cinemas.
*For other information about the ticket sales, please make an inquiry to the cinema where the tickets will be sold.

List of cinemas selling the advance tickets (movie ticket card)

Image of the movie ticket card

Movie ticket

Images of the clear file folders
available at cinemas

Clear file folders

Image of the poster available at

B3 Poster