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The DVD & Blu-ray
of "HiGH & LOW SEASON 2"
full version box
to be released on 10/12 (Wed.)

HIGH & LOW Season2

The full version deluxe box (DVD/Blu-ray)
of "HiGH & LOW SEASON 2"
which started airing on NTV
from April 2016
will be released on October 12 (Wed.)!!

Designated Product

"HiGH & LOW SEASON 2 Full Version BOX" (DVD/Blu-ray)
to be released on October 12, 2016 (Wed.)
[4DVD] RZBD-86188-91 ¥11,400 (tax not included)
[4Blu-ray] RZXD-86192-5 ¥12,400 (tax not included)

Bonus giveaway for
major CD outlets in Japan

B2-sized poster
*The bonus giveaways are given on a first come, first served basis.
*The bonus giveaways are not available at some CD outlets.

HIGH & LOW Season2

Recorded Contents

DISC1: Episode I - Episode III
DISC2: Episode IV - Episode VI
DISC3: Episode VII - Episode X
DISC4: Bonus footage
Episode ZERO, HiGH & LOW Special Cross Talk (Artists: AKIRA, Keiji Kuroki, ELLY, Takanori Iwata)