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The song "TIME FLIES" by ACE OF SPADES × PKCZ® feat. Hiroomi Tosaka will be released on October 8! It is chosen as the theme song of "HiGH & LOW THE RED RAIN", the 2nd movie of HiGH & LOW.
"HiGH & LOW" is a comprehensive entertainment project which has connected multiple entertainment elements including SNS sites, comic, drama, movie, original best album and dome tour. All the cast members and the staff members worked together to face the challenges from season 1 of the drama.
The second movie "HiGH & LOW THE RED RAIN" centers on the story of "Amamiya Kyodai" played by Tosaka (Hiroomi from Sandaime J Soul Brothers) and me from season 1 of the drama. How to maintain the "freshness" and "entertainment" which can only be presented by us...... When thinking of this question, I got an idea from HIRO that "how about collaborating with ACE OF SPADES, PKCZ® and Tosaka". After that, we created the song "TIME FLIES". During the recording, Tosaka and I gave a lot of encouragement to each other and we worked very hard every day.
Speaking of ACE OF SPADES, rock music is the most classic music of this group. Blending the earthy and strong rock music of ACE OF SPADES with PKCZ®'s music and Tosaka's singing caused a good chemical reaction, which showed the fusion of rock music and dance beats and created a new and stylish song.
You can experience different personalities of PKCZ®, AOS and Tosaka as well as the unique style of this collaboration. It is an excellent work containing various expressions.
To some extent, you can feel something "new" from this work.
The story of the movie "HiGH & LOW THE RED RAIN" and the song created for this movie can bring out the best in each other and you will have a better understanding of the "HiGH & LOW" project after enjoying them. Be sure to wait and check them out!