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EXILE - Awakening -

the 5th digital single of EXILE's singles
to be released for 6 consecutive months,
will come out on 6/1 (Fri.)!!

This song has been chosen as the theme song for "2018 TBS Soccer Telecast"!

Road to "STAR OF WISH"
After 3 years of waiting, in order to give a boost to their nationwide dome tour EXILE LIVE TOUR 2018 "STAR OF WISH" starting in autumn, the "EXILE FRIDAY project will release new songs on music distribution websites on the first Friday of 6 consecutive months. Your expectation for the tour will grow month after month!!

The 5th single of "EXILE FRIDAY"!
"Awakening" will be released on music distribution sites on 6/1 (Fri.).
This song has been selected as "2018 TBS Soccer Telecast Theme Song"!

This song can strike a chord with perseverant people who never give up challenging.
The soul awakens at the moment when all passion is unleashed.
This is a magnificent hit song. Its lyrics convey the ideas of ATSUSHI who loves soccer since childhood and carries his hope to cheer for Japan national soccer team that will enter global soccer contest, even just a little!

All lyric videos are produced by the EXILE members and ATSUSHI will produce the lyric video for this song!
Stay tuned for the completion of the lyric video!

Song sample of Awakening


I wrote lyrics of "Awakening" with the hope that this song can give power to players of the World Cup, even just a little.
From 2010, EXILE encourages children through soccer tournament "EXILE CUP" which is themed upon "Dreams For Children". Since I also played soccer, it will be a really delightful thing if this song can give a boost to Japan's soccer community.

Feelings for Road to "STAR OF WISH" ~ EXILE FRIDAY

To give a boost to the live tour, we release songs incorporated with EXILE's ideas every month.
I hope you could listen to the songs released every month and feel the thoughts that EXILE want to convey to you. Please stay tuned for the EXILE FRIDAY project in June and July and our album with many new songs which will be released this summer as well as our tour "STAR OF WISH". I wish you happy every day!

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