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EXILE - My Star -

"My Star",
the 3rd digital single
to be released for 6 consecutive months,
is released on 4/6 (Fri.)!!

"EXILE FRIDAY" is a project where new songs will be released on music distribution websites on the first Friday of 6 consecutive months from 2/2 (Fri) to 7/6 (Fri.). The 3rd digital single "My Star" is available now on music distribution websites!

This song shows a strong feeling of missing the important person. The two come closer after experiencing many things. They pledge their unchanging love in front of shining stars in the night sky. Brought by EXILE, "My Star" is an impressive ballad about eternal love!

The lyric video produced by Keiji Kuroki
has been unveiled!!

All lyric videos are produced by member from EXILE members
and this time the video was produced by Keiji Kuroki!
In order to present the imagery of this romantic song through the lyric video, Keiji Kuroki decided to show you only the silhouettes whose expressions you cannot see.
This wonderful lyric video presents a story of man and woman set in a fantastic and starry world!

Keiji hopes that you can "enjoy the starry night sky while experiencing the imagery of the lyrics". Romantic scenes of dancing under the starry sky are not to be missed!

Be sure to check it out!

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