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the first song of EXILE's digital singles to be released for 6 consecutive months,
is released on 2/2 (Fri.)!!

EXILE's new single "PARTY ALL NIGHT ~STAR OF WISH~" is finally available on music distribution websites from today, 2/2 (Fri.)!

The members of EXILE released works and held tours with other groups and as solo artists in 2017. They have expanded the range of activities in many fields.
The first song "PARTY ALL NIGHT ~STAR OF WISH~" is a vibrant party tune which will give you a deep impression of EXILE's return!

Moreover, the new single "PARTY ALL NIGHT ~STAR OF WISH~" was chosen as the commercial song for Youfuku no Aoyama's "AOYAMA PRESTIGE TECHNOLOGY". The commercial featuring Takanori Iwata is on air now from 2/1 (Thu.). Please also check it out!

EXILE will carry out varied activities this year, including releasing new songs from February to July on music distribution websites, releasing their first original album in 3 years this summer and holding their dome tour "EXILE LIVE TOUR 2018 'STAR OF WISH'". Stay tuned!

Lyric video produced by EXILE AKIRA and EXILE SHOKICHI
has been unveiled!!

"EXILE FRIDAY", a project in which new songs will be released on the first Friday of every month from 2/2 (Fri.) to 7/6 (Fri.) on music distribution websites, is underway now!

Meanwhile, an entertaining project in which the EXILE members produce lyric videos for all these songs has been launched as well!

AKIRA and SHOKICHI produced the lyric video themed upon "PARTY" for the group's first song!
With lyrics appearing on impressive graphics, this video with a party style contains scenes of EXILE TRIBE's New Year Party which was held from New Year's Eve to New Year's Day as well as ATSUSHI's behind-the-scenes footage of New Year's Eve countdown in New York!

List of music distribution sites
List of music distribution sites

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