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EXILE - Turn Back Time -

"Turn Back Time feat. FANTASTICS",
the 4th digital single
to be released for 6 consecutive months,
will come out on 5/4 (Fri.)!!

Road to "STAR OF WISH"
After 3 years of waiting, to give a boost to their nationwide dome tour EXILE LIVE TOUR 2018 "STAR OF WISH" starting in autumn, the "EXILE FRIDAY project will release new songs on music distribution websites on the first Friday of 6 consecutive months. Your expectation for the tour will grow month after month!!

The 4th single
"Turn Back Time feat. FANTASTICS" is available for download!

"Turn Back Time feat. FANTASTICS" is a cheer song for all people who are pursuing their dreams.

As EXILE TAKAHIRO says, "I wrote this song to express my support for those who try their best to pursue their dreams and those who just began a new life."
"Never give up on your dream. Keep moving forward step by step."
TAKAHIRO wrote the lyrics with such thoughts and produced the lyric video.

Lyric video produced by EXILE TAKAHIRO
has been unveiled!!

The lyric video features 50 EXILE TRIBE members' support messages to Shota Nakao who is fighting illness, wishing that he will get better quickly and stand on stage again together with everyone.

Treasure friends and never give up on dreams.
A heartwarming lyric video in EXILE's style has been finished!

We hope that you could feel EXILE's thoughts and pray that the day to "Turn Back" time could come soon.


This time, I wrote the lyrics of EXILE's new song "Turn Back Time".

Firstly, this song aims to cheer up LDH JAPAN's group FANTASTICS's Shota Nakao and wishes everyone who just started a new life and all the fans who are supporting us will have a bright future.

I have similar experiences.
On the road of chasing our dreams, in addition to being positive,
we might also have frustrations
and sometimes feel lost.

I have pride for my life.
I am thankful for being supported by people around me and I am going forward.
When I slow down and looked back,
all kinds of emotions come into my mind.
I wonder if people can see the small happiness in front of them.
So I wrote down these comments.

I believe that after listening to this song,
you will feel full of hope for tomorrow.
Moreover, I hope that Shota could be strong and keep going.
To that end, I did my best to sing this song.

It is also our first collaboration with the FANTASTICS.
Please stay tuned for EXILE TRIBE's possibilities!

Feelings for Road to "STAR OF WISH" ~ EXILE FRIDAY

To give a boost to the live tour, we release songs incorporated with EXILE's ideas every month.
I hope you could listen to the song released every month and feel the thoughts that EXILE want to convey to you. Please stay tuned for the EXILE FRIDAY project in June and July and our album with many new songs which will be released this summer as well as our tour "STAR OF WISH". I wish you happy every day!

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