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will release
his new single "Underdog"
after 2 years
on 5/23 (Wed.)!

The music video for "ROCKET DIVE"
has been unveiled!

"ROCKET DIVE" included in EXILE SHOKICHI's solo work "Underdog" released after about 2 years is a cover version of hide with Spread Beaver's "ROCKET DIVE"!
Nowadays, rock music and Hip-hop are always connected.
SHOKICHI was deeply influenced by this song which was released 20 years ago. This time, he rearranged this song in his own way.
Like "Underdog", this song is also produced by SHOKICHI, UTA and KENJI03 together.

Created by EXILE SHOKICHI and pop artist Distortedd (@Distortedd_), the music video for this song is a special animation!? In a fictitious world, EXILE SHOKICHI walks along a straight road, falls asleep on a hill, closes his eyes and starts to meditate...
The concept of this song is "putting it into music players such as cassette player, CD player and smart phone to look back on the past while wandering around different worlds".

It is a brand new music video for "ROCKET DIVE" that you have never watched before!

Directed by Distortedd (@Distortedd_)(https://www.instagram.com/distortedd_/)

Words & Music: hide
Produced by UTA(TinyVoice,Production), Hi-yunk

Music Video Unveiled!
The teaser of "Underdog"
has been unveiled!

EXILE SHOKICHI will release his new single after 2 years!
The title of this single is "Underdog".

He mixes HIPHOP with rock which is one of the roots of his music.
Since music becomes genreless now, EXILE SHOKICHI tries to create some new kinds of music.

This exciting single is carefully produced by EXILE SHOKICHI, UTA, who collaborated with EXILE SHOKICHI in both his solo works and works of EXILE THE SECOND for many times, and KENJI03 (BACK-ON), who collaborated with him for the first time.

The distortion guitar sounds wildly along with the beats in which rock music and trap music are mixed!
The refreshing title and lyrics are so interesting as if they are laughing at the wild music performance!

He calls himself "Underdog" in this song, which gives a different impression from the common cheer songs. He refreshingly presents us the positive part of losers with his rhymes.
During these 2 years, EXILE SHOKICHI released a solo album and produced 2 albums as a member from EXILE THE SECOND. He keeps composing new songs and reaching new levels!

A cover version of hide with Spread Beaver's "ROCKET DIVE" is included as the B-side track!!

Now, rock music often sounds like HIPHOP and vice versa.
20 years have passed since the release of "ROCKET DIVE" and SHOKICHI was deeply influenced by this song. Here comes a new version of "ROCKET DIVE" in EXILE SHOKICHI's style!

This song was also arranged by EXILE SHOKICHI, UTA and KENJI03!
A brand new version of "ROCKET DIVE" will be presented here!!

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Product Types


Underdog - CD+DVD -

¥1,800 + tax


Underdog - CD -

¥1,000 + tax


<CD (*Tracklist is the same for both editions.)>
1. Underdog
3. Underdog (Instrumental)
4. ROCKET DIVE (Instrumental)

<DVD (Only RZCD-86563)>
1. Underdog (Music Video)