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"TAKAHIRO Michi no Eki 2017-2018"
Additional Show
A notice on the schedule of the merchandise sales at the venue

2/6 (Tue.)

Products for sale: All the products
Time: 15:00 ~ About 30 minutes after the end of the performance

2/7 (Wed.)

Products for sale: All the products
Time: 15:00 ~ About 30 minutes after the end of the performance

  • *The starting time of the merchandise sales is tentative. Please be advised that the merchandise sales may start earlier or later depending on circumstances on that day.
    *Please check the size and the quantity of purchased products, your change, etc. immediately. Please be advised that products cannot be refunded or exchanged except for defective ones once you leave the sales area. Be sure to confirm the product, quantity, your change, etc. in the sales area.
    *Each customer can make a maximum purchase of 10 T-chan Key Holders. However, depending on the stock of products on that day, we may change the purchase limit without prior notice.
    *In order to prevent reselling and buying up, it is prohibited to queue up again to purchase the products. Our staff members will warn you if they find you engaging in such activities.
    *Please check the samples of the merchandise and your T-shirt size in the display area at the sales place. Please be advised that these samples will not be available at the sales counter.
    *The merchandise items are provided in a limited quantity and will not be available once they are sold out. Plus, the merchandise items will be sold at several sales counters, so they may be handed out to you earlier or later depending on the items you purchase. Moreover, the merchandise items will not be available when they are about to be sold out at nearby sale counters. Our sales staff will do their best to hand out the items in time. Please fully understand this before you make a purchase in the sales area.
    *The information about sold out products will be announced on the bulletin board. However, since we need time to update the information, so please confirm the availability at the sales area.
    *Credit cards, on-line banking (only QUICPay and iD), EXILE TRIBE vouchers and EXILE TRIBE gift cards can be used at the sales area. Only those who spend more than 5,000 yen (total amount) can pay by credit card and on-line banking (only QUICPay and iD). Customers who want to pay by the above-mentioned methods should come to counter in the sales area where the credit cards are accepted. Moreover, if it is hard to distinguish characters on the back of your EXILE TRIBE gift card (silver part), your card may not be accepted in the sales area.
    *Customers without tickets to the show can also purchase the merchandise items.