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Thank you very much for always supporting LDH artists.
We would like to make an announcement here. The artists will stop throwing Frisbees to the viewers on future live shows.

So far, Frisbee-throwing has been a special arrangement to make the atmosphere more exciting on live shows. However, we have received reports saying that dispute arose between the viewers and people were hurt when fighting for the Frisbees.

The staff and the members have discussed about this for several times. Additional security personnel were arranged and "FRIENDLY & CLEAN CAMPAIGN" was carried out, but it appeared to have no improvement. If things continue this way, we are afraid that serious accident may happen, so we made this decision. We feel very sorry that such a decision has been made.

We don't want the viewers to go home with sad memories because of trouble or injury.
To let you fully enjoy the live shows and make happy memories, all our staff will join force to work out stringent safety measures.

Thank you for your understanding of this decision.

December 9 LDH Inc.