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the first program named after Toshio Matsumoto!

Broadcast schedule:
0:25-0:55 every Thursday

The program will sneak into a world unknown to Toshio Matsumoto. And he will conduct surveys on preconceptions and gaps together with some of the EXILE TRIBE members who will appear as guests. The program will be aired on a weekly basis♪

<5/9/2018 (Thu.): Fuji TV / "MATSU BOCCHI">
■0:25 ~ 0:55

The filming should have been carried out on an isolated island in Tokyo. But the weather in Kanto region is really dreadful and there is even a heavy rain alert.
The team has a strong desire to go to the island and they have reserved a fishing boat in Atami. However, the wave is greater than expected which hinders them from setting out...
Under this circumstance, the team asks the Tourism Department of Atami to do the location shooting...
How is the location shooting going on!?

【Official】 #92
"Savior in Atami"
Toshio Matsumoto: Fuji TV's MATSU BOCCIH