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the first program named after Toshio Matsumoto!

Broadcast schedule:
0:25-0:55 every Thursday

The program will sneak into a world unknown to Toshio Matsumoto. And he will conduct surveys on preconceptions and gaps together with some of the EXILE TRIBE members who will appear as guests. The program will be aired on a weekly basis♪

<7/5/2018 (Thu.): Fuji TV / "MATSU BOCCHI">
■0:30 ~ 1:00

A special project will be presented to you in celebration of the 100th episode of this program!
Looking back on the past episodes, we found that we tearfully abandoned several projects in the past due to Toshio Matsumoto's busy schedule.
"Things would not go like this if we have two MATSU..."
Therefore, the program will welcome a special guest in order to "create another MATSU"!
This special guest is the famous actor Nobuto Okamoto who looks much like MATSU! Some people even think that they are father and son!
In order to "become" MATSU, Okamoto will take various challenges!
The final challenge is "surprisingly appear at E-girls' live show"! That is really a difficult task!
"Become MATSU" on the live show and conceal his identity in front of the members and 10 thousand viewers... Will he succeed?

【Official】 #100
"Create a second MATSU"
Toshio Matsumoto: Fuji TV's MATSU BOCCIH