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the first program named after Toshio Matsumoto!

Broadcast schedule:
0:25-0:55 every Thursday

The program will sneak into a world unknown to Toshio Matsumoto. And he will conduct surveys on preconceptions and gaps together with some of the EXILE TRIBE members who will appear as guests. The program will be aired on a weekly basis♪

<3/15/2018 (Thu.): Fuji TV / "MATSU BOCCHI">
■0:25 ~ 0:55

Yasei Bakudan's member Cookie who has been very popular as an entertainer as well as a creator is in charge of the production of this episode and he is going to make Toshio Matsumoto look cute!
In order to make an opening clip for the program, director Cookie takes the camera and does the filming himself.
Under the director's instructions, which are sometimes harsh and sometimes gentle, the filming goes on smoothly...
Director Cookie even does the editing himself and finally finishes the opening clip.
How the new opening clip of "MATSU BOCCHI" looks like?

【Official】 #86
"MATSU turns into a girl"
Toshio Matsumoto: Fuji TV's MATSU BOCCIH