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To be shown in 10 theaters around Japan in the autumn of 2017!!

TAKUMA FESTIVAL JAPAN's 5th stage play
with the appearance of Toshio Matsumoto

It will be put on stage in the autumn of 2017!
Toshio Matsumoto will appear in TAKUMA FESTIVAL JAPAN's 5th stage play "Himitsu" which is a first-rate entertainment project presented by Takayuki Takuma!

It is a warm and pure love story about the heroine "Nagisa" who is saddled with "secrets". The story is full of love between sister and brother, mother and daughter as well as love between local people.
Toshio Matsumoto will appear as Hachiro Motohashi who is the brother of Nagisa and Goro and also the manager of "Nijiiro Nagisa Goro".

A special promotion video for
TAKUMA FESTIVAL JAPAN's 5th show "Himitsu" has been unveiled!


On an autumn day, Yume Yamanouchi is taken to a villa in the countryside and meets an old lady sitting in a wheelchair.
Without saying her name, all of a sudden she tells Yume that she is her biological mother.
Her name is Nagisa Motohashi.
The Motohashi family has three siblings. Big sister Nagisa and middle brother Goro were popular as the comedian duo "Nijiiro Nagisa Goro".
With the support from Hachiro Motohashi, their little brother and also their manager, they had a great success. Yet an accident completely changes their lives.
Why did Nagisa and Yume have been living apart in the past 25 years? And what is the "secret" of the Motohashi family?
It is a new stage play presented by Takayuki Takuma after 4 years. A pure love story filled with tears depicts relationships of sister and brother, mother and daughter as well as local people.

Schedule / Venue

■Kagoshima Show
10/19 (Thu.)
Kagoshima Citizen's Culture Hall

■Ishikawa Show
10/24 (Tue.)

■Toyama Show
10/26 (Thu.)
Toyama-ken Kyoiku Bunka Kaikan

■Niigata Show
10/28 (Sat.)
RYUTOPIA Niigata City Performing Arts Center

■Tokyo Show
10/31 (Tue.) ~ 11/12 (Sun.)

■Ashikaga Show
11/16 (Thu.)
Ashikaga Shimin Plaza

■Yamaguchi Show
11/19 (Sun.)

■Aichi Show
11/24 (Fri.) ~ 11/26 (Sun.)
KARIYA Cultural Center

■Sapporo Show
12/1 (Fri.) & 12/2 (Sat.)
Doshin Hall

■Osaka Show
12/6 (Wed.) ~ 12/10 (Sun.)
Umeda Arts Theater - Theater Drama City

Scriptwriter & Director

Takayuki Takuma


Keiko Toda

Saki Fukuda

Kouhei Takeda
Tomoru Akazawa
Azusa Okamoto

Shizuyo Yamasaki (Nankai Candies)
Machiko Kochi

Toshio Matsumoto (EXILE)

Yuichi Koshimura
Erina Masuda
Shota Mitani *Double cast
Junsei Matsumoto *Double cast


Takayuki Takuma


TAKUMA FESTIVAL JAPAN is a first-rate entertainment project presented by Takayuki Takuma who has been carrying out activities as a scriptwriter and actor in TV drama, movie and other fields.
TAKUMA FESTIVAL JAPAN stage plays will offer an "interacting section" before the start of the show where the cast members will sign autographs and take photos with the audience on the stage. After the end of the show, the cast members and the audience can dance all together to the original music. Apart from the joy of watching the play, TAKUMA FESTIVAL JAPAN also pursues the fun of live shows and creates a theater space for you.

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