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The story happens in Asakusa, Edo. Town doctor Nainosuke Mondai has a strong sense of duty and humanity.
Though appearing to be unreliable at first sight, he is a true master swordsman when holding a sword in his hands.
No matter how discouraging a situation is, he always says "No problem !"
Together with his lover Omaru, he sweeps away the evil in Edo !

On air from 12/20 (Tue.) !
Naoki Kobayashi
appearing in dTV's original drama
"Ishi Mondai Nainosuke 2"!!

"Ishi Mondai Nainosuke2"
All 4 episodes will be aired on dTV from 0:00 on 12/20 (Tue.) !

This drama is a sequel to dTV's original drama "Ishi Mondai Nainosuke" which was aired in December 2014 !
Ryotaro Sugi who has appeared in many period dramas takes charge of everything from planning the project, creating the original work, playwriting, playing the lead role to writing the lyrics for the theme song. An "ideal man" desired in the modern society is vividly portrayed in this drama !
Sugi was selected as Person of Cultural Merit in 2016 for he has brought hope to people by engaging in welfare activities, criminal rehabilitation activities and entertainment. It is a period drama that can only be created by Ryotaro Sugi, which will give energy to people who live in this unjust and unstable world !

Naoki Kobayashi plays the "dark assassin" Ittosai Yamino who is the opponent of Nainosuke Mondai played by Ryotaro Sugi.
Ittosai Yamino played by Naoki takes killing as the sole purpose of his life. With a murderous stare, his performance in the drama gives a chill which adds to the tensions !
The action scenes directed by Ryotaro Sugi are not to be missed !!


The story happens in Asakusa, Edo. Doctor Nainosuke Mondai of Problem Solving Clinic lives with Omaru.
If the patients are poor, he will offer free treatment. Besides curing people, he also solves patients' troubles. He always says "No problem !".
One day, Osato who is Denemon Mizusawa's wife rushes into Nainosuke's clinic and says some people break into her husband's dojo. Nainosuke goes to the dojo and finds Mizusawa is killed. From the fatal wound, Nainosuke finds that it's Ittosai Yamino who kills Mizusawa. He cares a lot about this evil behavior.
At this time, samurai Kazuyuki of Azai Bizen is escorting the heirloom "Kuro Kazura" in the territory of the lord. However, he is attacked by Ittosai Yamino and yakuza. Although he is badly wounded, he still keeps "Kuro Kazura" and gives it to Nainosuke who is passing by. Before he died, he asks Nainosuke to give "Kuro Kazura" to his brother Kojiro.
Later, with Nainosuke Mondai as the center, these two cases raise the curtain of the fierce battle in Edo.

Ishi Mondai Nainosuke 2

Ishi Mondai Nainosuke 2


Yasuji Inoue ("Mito Komon", "Ooka Echizen", "Edo o Kiru")


Ryotaro Sugi
Saki Takaoka
Toshiki Kashu
Saki Terashima
Yu Hasebe
Kazuya Takahashi
Naoki Kobayashi

Broadcast Schedule

12/20 (Tue.) 00:00-

Number of episodes

All 4 episodes (4 episodes on air all at once)



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