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Message From EXILE
◆from Naoki Kobayashi
Happy New Year !
2017 has finally come.

As what we have announced a few days ago,
LDH is going to operate under a new system “global development” for pursuing further and better entertainment. With the bases set up around the world, LDH will create various entertainments that can be enjoyed by people from all over the world.


under the concept of “returning to LDH's original style”, the members speak out our ideas and work closely with the staff. To make use of the energy and ideas received from our supporters, the members directly participate in the operation of production affairs in each field.

I am now a member of LDH USA. I want to utilize my experience accumulated in our group activities in LDH USA's operation. With the help from American entertainment industry, creators and performers, we will achieve better creations for our group.

I myself am preparing to build a career as an actor in Hollywood.

Apart from the members' dreams, LDH will also realize the dreams of our staff and supporters. I hope that LDH will keep on growing. We will spend time with you and share experience with you.

2017 has just started,
and we have already announced the plan of many activities.
I hope that you will enjoy LDH's entertainment in the future.

Please continue to support us this year !