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Message From EXILE
â—†from EXILE HIRO
2017 has come.
Happy New Year !!

With the arrival of the year 2017, LDH has started its new management system.

Looking back at 2016,
we have made new challenges...
But we did not do great jobs in many aspects,
so I think 2016 was also a regrettable year.

I will learn from the regrettable experience in 2016
and make 2017 the best year !

LDH announced many entertainment projects today...
I hope that under the new system,
LDH could explore its possibilities on the global stage.
I also hope that our team will unite as one to create new entertainment
and present spectacular shows !

Stay tuned for
LDH's activities in 2017 (^^) And
enjoy LDH's entertainment together !
Thank you (^^)