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Message From EXILE
To those who support PKCZ®,

thank you very much for your enthusiastic support all along.

About my progress of recovery, it is on progress and I can now jog very slowly during rehabilitation. It is because of the support from all of you.

However, it takes some time for the bones to heal, so I cannot participate in a live show yet.

Despite such situation, Sandaime held a live show successfully in Nagoya today.

Though we still cannot perform on the stage, DJ DARUMA who is a member of PKCZ® has returned to the stage already.

The three of us wanted to return together, but we still need more time to heal from the injuries.

After discussing with the members and staff, DJ DARUMA participated in the live show as a member of PKCZ® to cheer us up. He wanted the show to be exciting and we are grateful for his efforts.

Moreover, I want to thank Sandaime for their consideration

and those who gave us support at the venue.

I am looking forward to returning to the stage and meeting you soon !
I will focus on treatment and rehabilitation.

Please keep on supporting PKCZ® !