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◆from Naoki Kobayashi
DJ DARUMA from PKCZ® performed on the additional show of

Sandaime J Soul Brothers Live Tour "METROPOLIZ" in Nagoya yesterday.

At the end of last year, the Sapporo show caused much concern and trouble to you.
Due to the strong wish of the members, staff and the PKCZ® members, DJ DARUMA who recovered fastest appeared on the stage and gave a show on behalf of MAKIDAI and VERBAL.

DJ DARUMA and the members of Sandaime J Soul Brothers were greatly encouraged by your enthusiastic cheers at the venue.

They told the other two PKCZ® members about the successful show and the two were relieved. Although it takes some time for them to return to the stage, they are recovering steadily.

Again I realized that a live show is created together by our members, staff, performers and our supporters.

I want to create the most beautiful memories with all of you on the additional shows.

thank you very much for your warm support always !