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Message From EXILE
It's been a month since the traffic accident happened at the end of last year. Although the pace of recovery varies, a PKCZ® member has already returned to work.

I will also return to ZIP! tomorrow, 1/31. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to fans who always support me, our members, everyone in LDH and the ZIP! family, doctors in Hakodate and Tokyo and all the related people who helped us during this accident.

Moreover, I also want to show my gratitude to TAKAHIRO, NAOTO and Kenjiro Yamashita who presented the make-up show for me.

Although I cannot do works involving drastic moves,
I will start with what I can do.

I will spare no effort so that PKCZ® can make a full comeback as soon as possible
in order to repay your support.

Please keep on giving us warm support
in the future !