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Message From EXILE
â—†from EXILE HIRO
February starts today.
The weather is still cold.
LDH is busy carrying out
different kinds of activities every day
under the new management system!

release activities,
promotion and so on...
All the artists are engaged in their respective activities!

2017 is a year to
broaden our horizons
and create new entertainment.
It is also a year to strengthen the compliance and enhance the governance...
With "safety first" as the theme,
LDH has been powerful both in batting and fielding so far.
To let LDH flourish more vigorously,
we will go all out!
we will present more project options
that can entertain the fans.
I hope that the fans can enjoy our entertainment more than ever (^^)

DANCE EARTH PARTY's album "I" is released today.
It is a peaceful work
full of DANCE EARTH PARTY's style
Please check it out
and enjoy the world of DANCE EARTH PARTY!

has just started...
To make it a wonderful year,
I am going to start dashing forward (^^)