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Message From EXILE
Hello, everyone♪ This is ÜSA♪

It is February now and today is my 40th birthday!

I am very happy to receive many birthday messages♪
Thank you all!!!!

Although I am not a performer of EXILE now, I strongly hope to pursue dance that I always love and I wish the power of dance can play its role in different fields. As the performer and representative of DANCE EARTH, I devote myself every day, which makes me very happy.

I hope I can create more plans which can be enjoyed with all of you in the future. Please support me as always.

Moreover, DANCE EARTH PARTY's first album "I" was released on 2/1 (Wed.)♪

Starting from the establishment of PARTY formed by the cast members from the stage play Inochi no Rhythm and the release of the theme song, TETSUYA and Shizuka were chosen as the formal members! The production of DANCE EARTH PARTY finally started!
We spent about three and a half years in forming PARTY with many excellent artists! We made music and dance from all over the world into DANCE EARTH PARTY's style and created the theme of "music jounery"!

The work will definitely make you excited! So please enjoy it♪