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Message From EXILE
◆from Sekai
It's February now !
This is Sekai !

As announced several days ago,

the new performer group


was officially formed ! ^ ^

And from the 13th of this month,

we will hold a Musha Shugyo Tour ! ^ ^

As February began, I truly felt that this year has started !

Personally, the most critical task this year
is to promote dance culture and win the contest !

I will do my absolute best
to be the bridge between FANTASTICS and EXILE ! ^ ^

Moreover, I want to lift FANTASTICS and link it to EXILE !

HIRO has also considered the possibility of my vision for FANTASTICS. I will work hard every day as a dancer and an artist while being grateful to HIRO, my seniors and friends. Please keep on supporting me in the future ! ^ ^

See you♪