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Message From EXILE
â—†from Naoki Kobayashi
It's March now.

On this day eight years ago I joined EXILE. I am really surprised to see how much the environment and my situation changed compared to those times.

I felt your continuous support in this process, and that made me realize that I should never take the favorable environment for granted and my desire to express my gratitude grows stronger with each passing day.

A few days ago, Sandaime J Soul Brothers' Dome Tour ended. We are now planning a new project. In EXILE TRIBE and LDH, we are a part of the whole team rather than single groups. With cooperation in our mind, day after day we have meetings.

What I have learned from EXILE seniors and what I have felt from the team atmosphere are of great use to me.

The movie "TATARA SAMURAI" with my appearance will be screened from May 20, and we are starting projects related to this movie. Information will be announced on mobile website.

I will turn over a new leaf, and then go back to my roots.
I hope that I won't stop and continue to constantly change and evolve.
This month I also hope to have your support.