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Message From EXILE
â—†from Keiji Kuroki
Speaking of March,
congratulations to every one
who graduate this month.

I hope you have
a wonderful new life!

I joined EXILE in March
eight years ago.
For me personally,
March is
enrolment time
rather than graduation time.
Eight years has passed since then.
I experienced various things
and saw sceneries
I had never seen before.
It was a moment
when my life changed significantly.

Eight years since then,
on the same day, March 1,
based on what we have seen and experienced
so far,
this time we will present
a world of
that we created by ourselves.

A lot of staff
really helped us with
our album "BORN TO BE WILD".
It is also a compilation album
produced by EXILE THE SECOND.

We hope that
you could see our improvement,
even if only just a little, through this album.

I hope I linked these 2 themes successfully! LOL
Spring is a season for starting something new.
I hope that you will take on new challenges.
When you want to have a rest,
please listen to EXILE THE SECOND's songs,
brighten up and motivate yourself.

By the way,
I myself also took on a new challenge: THE NINE WORLDS PROJECT.
One of the forms of THE NINE WORLDS show
KURABU HAKATA-ZA will be held this month.

With my home area Kyushu as the center,
I will present various forms of entertainment.
Please look forward to
future activities of THE NINE WORLDS!

In the end...
Yesterday was GUN chan's birthday.
GUN chan, happy birthday!