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Message From EXILE
It has been 6 years since the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake.
My thoughts are still with all the people who was hurt and even now going through hardships

and their families.

I would like to express my gratitude to those who offered support to the affected areas and who are working hard every day to reconstruct these areas.

I heard abbout the current situation of the affected areas from KENCHI who went to Kesennuma and Minamisanriku this year.
All things are gradually getting better there and I think it is really great.
However, I realized that there are still many things to do and it will take a lot of time.

About 5 years ago,
TETSUYA held a dance lessons for many energetic children in Kesennuma.
How are they doing now?

I really hope they are still doing well.

Also all members of EXILE went to
the Shizugawa Junior High School
in Minamisanriku,
and performed "Michi" with the graduates.
I still vividly remember this moment.
I hope these graduates are doing fine now.

I do not really know exactly, how many years
it will take to finish all the reconstructions,

but I believe that

while carrying a positive feelings
the power of entertainment will help people to

move forward and get better.

With the spirit of EXILE,

we will work hard
to "Inspire Japan".