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Message From EXILE
â—†from Toshio Matsumoto
Yesterday, 6 years have passed
since the Great East Japan Earthquake.
It has been already 6 years since then ...
I still remember the news at that time.

Once again,
my thoughts are with everyone
who has been affected by this disaster.

Even now,
I would like to express my respect
to those who are working hard every day to reconstruct the affected areas.

I watched the news
and realized that there are an enormous difficulties
beyond our imaginations
on the road to recovery.
Again, I realized that
there are still many problems.

all we can do is
carry out our entertainment activities
under the theme of "Inspire Japan".
Although our strength is limited,
we will go on providing you with
LOVE, DREAM & HAPPINESS in the future.

To everyone who lives in Tohoku region
"Get well!"