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Message From EXILE
â—†from EXILE HIRO
April starts today (^^)
April 1 is
April Fool's Day...
I like pulling pranks... So I want to tell some lies.

if I really start doing that,
people around me will have a hard time
making sure whether what I have said is real or not...
It will be a little puzzling...
So I have to control my playfulness
on April Fool's Day
and spend it
like every other day...

It is already April.
The weather is getting warmer
and cherry trees are gradually starting to bloom.
finally comes.
It has been 4 months
since LDH implemented its new system...
The new system
is taking a definite form
and bringing effects and results!
Along with expanding our horizons to the whole world,
in order to give a boost to our activities in Japan...
We are working on various things every day
under the new system.

we are now making preparations to build an LDH system according to the characteristics of each country!

What contents
should we present to each country...
There are infinite patterns.
So I am full of anticipation and going to carry forward the members' dreams.

To create more
exciting projects
loved by our fans,
I will push LDH's activities to a new high (^^)

And moreover,
this coming summer,
with LDH JAPAN as the center,
we will link up
to create an entertainment ring
with a great power.
Please look forward to it!