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Message From EXILE
â—†from Naoki Kobayashi
It is April now.

Many people will start a new life. As for me, I finished a tour several days ago and also entered a new stage of life.

The filming of the HiGH & LOW movies is going on smoothly.
Besides EXILE,
Sandaime J Soul Brothers
and LDH USA,

I have more chances to discuss with other LDH artists and staff members.

It seems that I have created a new place to work in.

"Creating an organization
to realize our dreams"

So far, I have always been a member of a team. People acting together as a team can accomplish things which no individual acting alone could ever hope to bring about. I think every organization including companies and schools can be called a team.

Details about Sandaime's tours are still under discussion. We have no intention to reduce our activities. Instead, we are now preparing ourselves to present better performances on stage.

Meeting a brand new self will help you meet new possibilities and I hope all of you can have more opportunities to meet a brand new self.

The movie "TATARA SAMURAI" will be screened in less than 2 months.
Please keep on supporting us this month!