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Message From EXILE
Hello, everyone♪ This is ÜSA♪

April comes and the season for starting a new life begins☆
It is getting warmer and Meguro River becomes lively because of the Cherry Blossom Festival. lol

Recently, I am making steady progress in music production as DEP and the preparation for DANCE EARTH FES'17 scheduled for October♪
Personally, I will continue my activities including workshop for dance promotion, live talk show, etc.. In my spare time, I would take a journey to enrich my experience and attend tequila events. I also would like to meet various people and make more friends. I survive each day of my life with the maximum excitement, just like the video game "Dragon Quest". lol

There will be obstacles such as anxiety, fear, people getting in your way and many others in the process of pursuing your dreams.
At such times you should tell yourself: "Come! Bring it on!", and continue to move forward to the wonderful dream world you imagine with readiness and courage☆

I hope you will have an exciting spring♪