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Message From EXILE
To everyone who always give me a warm support

Here is my recent news. From April 2017 I will start my 1-year study course for working adults at Graduate School of Waseda University for my master's degree.

To improve dancing skills I have learned a lot for the "EXILE Performance Institute" series published in GEKKAN EXILE. As the knowledge and experience I gained there have been increasing, my desire to learn became stronger and stronger.

Meanwhile, the encounter with various people and good timing firmed my faith in realizing my dream. Finally I had this opportunity to attend the Graduate School of Waseda University.

Maybe it sounds funny but I always hated to study and chose a wonderful environment where I did not need to study much... (LOL)
I am still excited about being admitted to the postgraduate school as a person who did not graduate from university!

I will continue my further study at Graduate School of Sports Sciences. Of course, a great amount of sports-related knowledge is waiting for me. However, I want to learn how to study at first.

What's more, I will also do research in my beloved dance field with the aim of extending dance potential. I will do my best to study in order to benefit the future of dance.
Regardless of the difficulty, I will have fun studying for the sake of bringing more enjoyable dance performances to you. Please support me warmly as always.