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â—†from EXILE HIRO
May starts today (^^)
4 months has passed since LDH implemented a new system...
Everything is moving forward in a faster speed than ever.
I also have seen the obvious effects of the new system!

with various projects running at the same time,
it is important to pay attention to every single one of them.
In order to meet the expectations of the fans,
I will keep doing my best!

The key points of the new system
are to "create a worldwide entertainment industry" and "found an organization foreseeing the future".

To broaden the entertainment even more,
each artist will become more active in Japan,
and with various synergistic effects it will create a special kind of excitement.
The members' dream of sharing the best entertainment with all fans
will be broadened!!

Meanwhile, I am creating an environment where I can foster different dreams and keep pace with the members' imagination towards the future!

The new system is a circle connecting each point
with the two key points in the center...

2017 is certainly a turning point for LDH...

4 months has already passed.
The whole picture of the new system will be clearer in the future!

There are only 2 months left in the first half of 2016!
The new system has officially started...

I will keep on bringing more excitement to 2017.
Please look forward to it (^^)