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Message From EXILE
◆from Taiki Sato
Hi everybody!
It is June now!
How time flies! LOL

Speaking of June,
the stage play "RUSTED ARMORS" starring me
will be shown from June 8!
It is the first stage play of
the first 2.5 reverse dimension project in the world.

As it is the world's first 2.5 reverse dimension project,
it will bring you
a lot of new feelings and surprises
which will not let you down...!!

In this stage play,
you can enjoy singing, dancing,
fighting, acting and...!

In short,
it is a stage play combining things in turbulent Warring States period, fantasies and squadrons
with dancing and singing...
since the stage play will be adapted into anime in the future,
many characters with distinctive personalities will appear!
The stage arrangement will never bore the viewers!

By the way,
the pronunciation of “rusty” in the title is “sabiiro”! LOL

I will go all out in the stage play.
There are still
some general tickets left
and tickets at the door are scheduled to be released as well.
Be sure to come
if you have time!
What's more,
VBA5 will start in mid-June
to select a vocalist for FANTASTICS.

I am sincerely looking forward to
meeting this new vocalist
who is the one with new talents and like a gemstone
to help us become better in the future.
Please give me support.

There are 6 months to go until the end of this year!
My favorite season, summer is around the corner! LOL

Please fully enjoy this month
with no regret.

Taiki Sato