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Message From EXILE
◆from Sekai
It is June now!
How is everything going?

We are gradually heading into summer!
Be sure to take care of yourselves! ^ ^

VBA will finally start in June!!
I am really looking forward to that!!!

Meanwhile, I can feel the sense of responsibility will become stronger and stronger. However, all the members are now looking forward to it very much!!

We will keep moving forward in the future and become a group that can contribute to EXILE!

The world tour has ended. We were filled with appreciation and became full of fighting spirits again. ^ ^

Speaking of dancing, DANCE CUP is ongoing now!
Since it seems that more exciting competitions can also be watched this year, I am now looking forward to them so much! ^ ^

If there is any chance to go overseas this year, we hope we can compete with foreign dancers again and make friends with them this year ^ ^

I also hope that I can introduce them one by one to all of you! ^ ^

I hope that they can become my co-performers one day and present new things to you ^ ^

In addition, 6/1
is HIRO's birthday.

I am always very grateful to him for his consideration to us!

I will go all out in the future as a member from EXILE.

In this month, I will try my best not to be defeated by the hot weather this month as well!!

See you♪