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Message From EXILE
It is June now!

June 1
was my birthday.

I have received lots of
awesome messages from my fans
which made me really happy (^^)
Sincere thanks to all of you!!

I stopped performing on stage but completely served as president these years.
Sometimes I wondered
whether I was being disliked by my fans for my long-time absence…

This kind of special event makes me realize again that
I am supported by many fans,
which makes me feel relieved and I can focus on my work with a happy mood.

A new system has been launched
since the beginning of 2017...
I am no longer the president
but serve as
a creator.
I think the achievements are obvious...
What's more,
although it is good
to have my birthday celebration,
I can feel that the adolescence of an old-man is nearly waving at me.
Thus, in order to stay in shape...
and avoid becoming an old man...
I will never stop doing mental as well as physical exercise!!

Also, I will make progress every day
in order to make
all of you happy in the future
through the entertainment created under the theme
"Love Dream Happiness"!!

Thank you very much
for your warm messages (^^)