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â—†from Kenchi Tachibana
Taking the festival in Thailand as an opportunity, I have visited many Asian countries since the beginning of June, such as Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan. Some I visited for the first time, so I had quite a few new experiences.

This is also a part of LDH ASIA's activities. We need to visit various countries and get to know people and their culture personally, which is a very valuable to me.

I think it is closely related to my future performances and activities.

After returning to Tokyo, I visited several sake breweries in Chiba and Akita.

Each brewery has its own techniques and concepts. As I asked them for information and saw the production of sake, my "creative mind" started to whirl.

In the meantime, I feel that it will be great to introduce the charm of Japanese sake to more people.

I want to keep on exploring the culture that Japan is proud of.

I plan to share my thoughts with you in a magazine soon.

Yesterday, the 6 of us got together for the future activities of EXILE THE SECOND.

Summer festivals, our tour starting in autumn... There are many things that are worth looking forward to.

Our group will unite as one to create new entertainment of EXILE THE SECOND. Please look forward to it!

Today, I will go to HIGH & LOW THE LAND, which is a collaboration project with YOMIURI LAND.

Finally, I can go there.

I feel so excited. What is it like?

To those who are there, let's make summer memories together!

Please support me this month as well!

Happy birthday to people who were born in June!

I wish you a wonderful year!