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Message From EXILE
â—†from Taiki Sato
Hello everyone!
July has come without knowing...
Half a year has passed
in a flash.

All shows of the stage play "RUSTED ARMORS"
have ended successfully.
Recently, I went to the first round audition of "VOCAL BATTLE AUDITION 5"
and learnt a lot.

In order to find our vocalists
and move forward to a higher level
with people who share the same dream with us,
we FANTASTICS members
are watching the audition carefully.

What's more,
I was very impressed by the braveness
of people who have dreams.

Speaking of this summer,
I am very excited
about the increasing opportunities
of meeting you at
Izakaya EXILE!

This summer,
come and have fun at THE LAND,
the swimming pool
and enjoy delicious drinks
at Izakaya EXILE!

We are also planning to enjoy
everything to the fullest!

Please support us in July as well!

Taiki Sato