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Message From EXILE
â—†from EXILE HIRO
It is July now (^^)
It has been raining recently.
Though I am not feeling fine,
I have been busy with LDH's business as well as my own activities every day!

The members are also carrying out their activities energetically
and all sorts of projects are progressing with great speed at the same time.

Half a year has passed since we adopted the new system.
In my busy life,
again I actually feel that LDH's possibilities and the members' dreams will expand in the future.

Though I have only stepped at the starting line,
I will keep on creating entertainment and events loved by the fans and supporting the members' dreams!!

The second half of 2017 has started!
Aiming at a bigger leap,
I will get my priorities right
and broaden my horizon
to liven up our members and everyone in LDH (^^)

Hot weather will continue.
Please be careful not to get heat stroke. Let's make wonderful summer memories!

Please support us (^^)