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Message From EXILE
Time flies and it is already August.
2017 has entered the second half.

This year,
I announced a "WORLD CHALLENGE"
together with my solo projects,
then I started my activities.

In the first half of 2017,
I did the filming for HiGH & LOW,
participated in "TATARA SAMURAI" World Premiere events,
performed at various festivals as EXILE THE SECOND
and did overseas music video shooting.

As the ambassador of RALPH LAUREN,
I appeared at the fashion weeks in Italy, New York and other cities
and participated in photoshoots.

Moreover, I also filmed a music video
as the director for the first time
in Los Angeles.

The first half of 2017
opened the doors to various possibilities!

In "THE MAN OF EXILE AKIRA 2006-2016",
memorial book commemorating 10th anniversary of my EXILE debut,
I mentioned that
I will use my 10-year experience
accumulated in EXILE's activities as a weapon
and open up a new EXILE path.
I want to become
unique entertainer and creator
and take a brand new step.

In the second half of 2017,
will go on to

ROOT 6.6

is coming!

Beyond that,
I think that every member will progress and
EXILE will come back in 2018.
I hope to make further progress and notice more things I have never noticed before.

it is the soul in every member.

Pioneers only look ahead.

I will do my best in the second half of 2017 as well,
stay tuned!

[Festival Appearances]
9/16 (Sat.) "INAZUMA ROCK FES.2017" Raijin Stage
9/7 (Thu.) "IT'S YOUR STAGE presented by LIVE DAM STADIUM"
8/26 (Sat.) "a-nation 2017"
8/4 (Fri.) "ZIP! Natsu Matsuri 2017"

[LIVE TOUR 2017 "ROOT 6.6"]
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[New Single "ROOT 6.6"]
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[HiGH & LOW]
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