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Message From EXILE
â—†from Alan Shirahama
Congratulations on your marriage, my senior TAKAHIRO!
Your happy announcement
makes me delightful as well!

TAKAHIRO is frankly speaking to us
about all things,
no matter related to work or personally himself.
He is like the sun and
the room feels brighter
when he is there.
I am 24 years old now.
But at my age TAKAHIRO performed as the vocalist of EXILE during the PERFECT YEAR live tour at the dome in 2008. I think it was a great experience for him and I also felt the power of seniors who were performing under the unspeakable pressure.

TAKAHIRO is a supporter of EXILE
full of manliness and passion.
I will model myself on him and keep moving forward.

In 2018,
I am really looking forward to dancing behind TAKAHIRO who will become even manlier after getting married!!

Please also look forward to EXILE's activities in the future!
Please support us as always!