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Message From EXILE
Hi everyone who supports EXILE all along! It's ATSUSHI.

I am going to express my feelings about TAKAHIRO's marriage news.

Firstly, sincere congratulations on your marriage, TAKAHIRO!! It is easy to find his tough times when looking back on his life. This news may surprise you but as a senior to him, I think it is a pretty good thing.

I think TAKAHIRO had tough times, but probably she has been a support to him during those tough times. So perhaps because of her he became who he is now. Of course, great support from fans, members, staff and HIRO is a prerequisite.

In addition, marriage news is not welcomed in this special world of entertainment industry. Of course, people's reactions tend to be different towards this issue. Some are happy as long as he can present entertainment and art. But if there are opposite sounds, it would be a painful thing for them to be together secretly. TAKAHIRO may also get relieved after announcing this news... I feel relieved as well. But it may not be a good comment to those shocked, surprised and depressed fans...

Most importantly, a new member will be born to my partner and his lover. It is really worth celebrating!!

All in all, TAKAHIRO has new family members and will moving forward with new responsibilities. It is really a happy thing if you can give TAKAHIRO warm support as always.

I think when he becomes a father he would make further progress as a man as well. He also told me his determination about this through email. He finally got married after I knew him for 10 years... So wonderful! (LOL) Congratulations to TAKAHIRO!!

This news may surprise you, but I still hope that you can focus on EXILE's future performances and all members' progress. I will try to be a reliable senior and refine myself on "my road", "song road" and "EXILE road"!!