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Message From EXILE
EXILE mobile members,

thanks for your warm support
and messages all along.

Several days ago there was announcement about TAKAHIRO and Emi Takei marriage.
Before this announcement was made,
TAKAHIRO phoned me and told about this.
I was surprised at first,
but then I felt his sincere feelings towards Takei from his words
and his preparedness for artist activities.
Therefore, I am filled with sincere blessings to them.

As a member from the same group, I want to apologize to fans who were surprised by this announcement.
TAKAHIRO and I have known each other for 11 years and I understand that he thought a lot about when and how to make this announcement to related staff who support Takei's and all the members' activities,
people from LDH and Oscar Promotion who always care about them and fans who always support them.

If we haven't met TAKAHIRO in Chapter 2, EXILE could not become what it is now.
As the vocalist,
TAKAHIRO is always brave and keeps on moving forward
under great pressure.
I want to express my sincere gratitude to him as an original member.

Through various experience
I came to understanding
that unexpected things could happen
in our life at any time.

All of these things happy and sad
are part of our life.
We only live once,
so we should live without regret.

Although my power is limited,
I still want to
support these two
who will welcome their new life together
with my pure thoughts.

I will support
TAKAHIRO who will make
more achievements as an artist
and Takei who will spend her life with TAKAHIRO.

I hope our fans
could warmly
support them
together with us in the future.