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Message From EXILE
◆from Mandy Sekiguchi
A few days ago,
TAKAHIRO and Emi Takei
made an announcement of their marriage and to-be-born baby!

I was also surprised
at first when I heard it.
I think
many of his fans who supported him for a long time
had the same reaction as me.
You may be
filled with mixed feelings.

as a man,
I respect TAKAHIRO's
determination and resolution of
start a family.

In the first place
he is “a human” and “a man”
and then “an artist”.
As a man I
sincerely support
his determination.

I am really looking forward to
engaging in activities with TAKAHIRO who moves forward on his new life road!!

Time really flies and
it is September now.
There are only 4 months left till the end of this year.
We will move forward to
our EXILE activities.
Please support us
as always!